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protectors of the secretive pangolin

artwork for wacom india endangered species competition / 1st place.

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description below :

this little scaley creatures are highly pouched and illegely trafficked mammal in the world,
to rehabilitating them, local groups in africa are working day and night.
I wanted to portray this beautiful bonding beetween them.

at the sametime this work shows an unfortunate reality of some of there protectors.
albinism has a dark relationship with africa, a few groups belives in a superstition that potion made from albino's bodyparts has magical powers.
so witch doctors hunt and kill albinos, most of this victims are childrens.
there emputed bodyparts, mostly hands and feet gets sold in the dark market for witch craft.

hope this image able to convey the idea of coexistence and and spreads love.

thanks for looking.